About Us

"Taking your business from where it is, to where you want it to be."




Every day business owners juggle phone calls, sales meetings, customer service, administration, banking, marketing, deliveries, production, scheduling, paying the bills, calling for money and making payroll. Which doesn't leave much time for being a friend, spouse, partner or parent.

We understand the struggles, stress, and sleepless nights. We are business owners too.

Life isn't a Hollywood movie where money grows on trees and your an overnight success.

You're unique and so is your business.

At some point you need to outsource part of your business so you can invest more of your time to grow. We're here to give you back that valuable time.

Whether it's a panic phone call or an monthly zoom meeting, we'll listen to what you need and work with you to make it happen.

Trisha Monts, CPB

Founder & President 

"Trish" as she likes to be called, started her accounting career in construction back in the 90's using a DOS based accounting program. 

Her initial training was in Financial Management Accounting from BCIT. Since then she's expanded her education and honed her expertise in multiple industries over the past two decades.

Trish is well known for her skills in business management, start ups and corporate structuring.  One of her career highlights was working with a small business that started out with single employee and grew into a multi-million dollar corporation that has over 30 employees. 

But it doesn't end there. Trish is always up for a new challenge, so she decided to become certified in Law firm trust accounting.

She completed certification with a final grade of 99%.